Perform Virtually

Perform virtually with people from all over the UK and professionals straight from the West End


Improve your harmony skills and vocal strength with  established warm-ups and technical exercises

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to a members-only group containing all the tools and rehearsal recordings needed for your performance

Have Fun

The most important part and very much needed now more than ever - share your passion with us and our members!

The 4 week courses have  has been created for the most recent lockdown following the fabulous concert created by the members of the recent 10 week challenge. For many of us, singing is a total lifeline, or indeed a livelihood, so here at 'Out of the Shadows' we have decided to keep running with the online training, and to really focus in on technique. Whether you are professional, amateur, training or just think it might be fun, this is the place for you! 

These courses are designed to work more specifically on the vocal techniques and tone required for the genre covered. We will cover 2 songs that will be recorded (optional!) and uploaded to our 'Out of the Shadows' YouTube channel as well as being in a final concert in the summer. We will also have an optional 3rd song designed to really challenge your harmony work. This is totally optional but if you fancy the challenge it will be covered in the last 15 minutes of each rehearsal, music reading ability will come in handy for this song but is not vital. 

The virtual performances are not a requirement, but if you would like to, it will involve self taping (using phone video or similar) and sending us your recordings for mixing and editing!

The course works out at £5 per week and once running costs are covered we will be donating profits to charity. We are welcome to suggestions!

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